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Welcome to Alternate Technologies Ltd, we are a company that provides material handling equipment and forklift hire in Manchester and across the North West of England. Our focus is to offer our customers immediate access to the best services on the market and ensure that you obtain the best experience and results. Our commitment is to quality and professionalism, and we are always pushing the boundaries to offer the best forklift service near me and modern material handling.

State of the art services

We always focus on delivering the ultimate service quality based on your needs and requirements.

Adaptable to your own requirements

Each one of our lift truck services and forklift for rent services are very dependable and professional.

Repair forklifts fast and easy

We know how hard it can be to repair forklifts, so we always make sure that you get access to the right results and experience.

Buy a new forklift

You want a great, dependable forklift? We have many of them that you can buy right now, so you just have to find the right one to suit your needs and we will happily assist.

Forklift for rent services

We provide outstanding forklift rental services that are professional, fast and very convenient.

Fully customizable to your own needs

Whether you need forklift repairs, rentals or anything in between, our team is always more than happy to help.

The best material handling equipment

Modern material handling services

We are fully committed to helping our customers obtain the best experience and results that they can find on the market. We are always offering the best Northwest forklift services, so whether you want to buy, repair or rent a forklift, we are always happy to assist. As a professional forklift hire Manchester, we are always committed to value and quality, and the results are always among some of the best on the market.
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Outstanding service and product quality

We are always focused on product value and quality, and you can rely on us to really push the experience to the next level. We know what you need and we are always ready to bring that vision to life in a creative way. Plus, you can get stellar services like forklift hire Manchester, forklift repair and so on.

Outstanding material handling equipment

We know how important material handling equipment can sometimes be for any business. That’s why we have all the solutions you need, geared up to bring you only top of the line benefits. Just consider working closely with our team, and you will be incredibly impressed with the results.

Work with the best material handling in the NorthWest

It’s never been easy to find the best solutions at the right price, but we are here to help. We offer some of the highest quality forklift repair and forklift for rent services, and you can also buy a forklift from us right away if you want to. All our products are delivering the best value and quality on the market, and we really push the boundaries when it comes to the attention to detail and professionalism.

We are firm believers that working with the right material handling equipment and the right business can really help you fulfil all your requirements. We provide a full-service, very high-quality forklift service near me, and we deliver top quality NorthWest forklifts that you can always rely on. If you need any type of forklift repair or forklift hire Manchester, our team will be here to help. We only offer the best material handling equipment and we are always ready to deliver the best results. Don’t hesitate and use this service for modern material handling at its finest!

If you need any type of forklift repair or forklift hire Manchester, our team will be here to help.

Material Handling News

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Is Forklift Operator A Good Job?

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New Services

New Services

Alternate Technologies Ltd have now launched new divisions within our company to give clients a clearer picture of what we do. Although we have all had to deal with uncertain times due to the covid 19 we hope that everyone out there can pull through this global crisis...


Our extensive range of equipment from Lift trucks to One-off bespoke applications are offered with a 12-month warranty and CE certification. Please contact us for further information.

Design & Manufacture

Alternate Technologies Ltd is proud to offer a specialist Design & Manufacture facility to enable us to cater to the most unusual Material Handling applications.


Our after-sales team offer a competitive and professional service reinforced by highly trained engineers. We also provide stand-alone and one-off services for any material handling equipment. Please contact us for further information.


Part of our commitment to safety we offer training on all our equipment to ensure you operatives are fully compliant and competent.


Although we provide extensive maintenance with all our equipment breakdowns do occur but don’t worry you're in safe hands, our team of experts will get you back up and running.

Nationwide support Hotline 0161 304 9249

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